Windsor Public Library Board Mandate

The mandate of the Windsor Public Library Board is as follows:

Our Mission

There are eight core values which guide Windsor Public Library. They are:

Customer Service

  • Commitment to provide excellent customer service;
  • Respond to the needs of customers, staff and volunteers;
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with internal and external customers;

Accessibility and Intellectual Freedom

  • Provide equitable and open access to services, information and facilities;

Literacy and Lifelong Learning

  • Support library programs, services and collections which promote the joy of reading and continuous learning;

Community and Connecting

  • Enhance library service through partnerships and consultation;

Stewardship and Accountability

  • Manage resources effectively and responsibly;


  • Conduct business in an ethical and professional manner;


  • Foster a work culture that advocates cooperation, communication, respect and training;


  • Encourage creative change and improvement in the workplace.

The membership of the Windsor Public Library Board for the term of 2022 to 2026:

  • Councillor Mark McKenzie
  • Councillor Kieran McKenzie
  • Councillor Renaldo Agostino
  • Nicole Daignault
  • Massimo De Menech
  • Marko Jovanovic
  • Moustafa Yahfoufi