Roseland Board of Directors Mandate

The Mandate of the Roseland Board of Directors is as follows:

"The City acquired Roseland Golf Course on July 11, 1973. At that time, the City also acquired the shares of Roseland Golf Club Limited, now known as Roseland Golf & Curling Club Limited. The City leases the land to the corporation, which in turn operates the golf course and curling club. Roseland Golf & Curling Club Limited, pursuant to its governing legislation, is required to have Directors, and by virtue of its by-laws, the number of Directors required is five. Current practice is to appoint 3 members of Council and 2 members of the public."

The membership of the Roseland Board of Directors for 2022 to 2026:

Councillor Gary Kaschak, Chair
Councillor Fred Francis
Councillor Kieran McKenzie
Gerry Pocock
Bruce Wintemute