Udine, Italy

Udine, Italy

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  • In Commemoration of the Twinning between the City of Udine in the Province of Udine and the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy and The City of Windsor in the County of Essex and the Province of Ontario Canada in recognition of the International Friendship and Understanding and the Social Cultural and Economic Bonds enjoyed by Our Twinned Cities.

Udine is a city located in north-eastern Italy in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and it has a population of 99,244, increasing to 176,000 when taking into consideration the urban area. Udine is a very important commercial centre, and it is also known for iron and mechanical industries. The city has a long history that is evident through the Castle of Udine, a historic castle built by the Venetians from 1517 that houses one of the most ancient parliament Halls of Europe. In addition, the city hosts many important festivals and events, as well as renowned historical artifact at the archbishop's palace and the Museo Civico. The city is well connected, as the Udine railway station is the central station in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, operating all over Italy and internationally.

Many Windsor residents have emigrated from this area, and the Italian community as a whole has played a major role in the culture and history of Windsor, as today they constitute the third largest cultural group. As a result of this twinning relationship and communal ties, various exchanges have taken place, including the donation of the Udine Friulian Fountain in appreciation of Windsor’s aid given to Northern Italy after an earthquake in 1980, as well as Windsor’s gift of an obelisk to Udine. Also, exchange programs at the University of Windsor have facilitated numerous student exchanges between Windsor and Udine and the City of Windsor has received official visits by dignitaries of Udine.

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