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  • Whereas the cities of Windsor and Lublin have a significant number of parallels as well as great potential for future commercial, cultural, academic and technological cooperation; and, Whereas the City of Windsor and City of Lublin have developed a friendship that will aid in the exchange of ideas and delegations to build a progressive and prosperous future for both cities; and, Whereas through this agreement local enterprises will be fostered and assisted in their business contacts with their partners in Lublin to exchange information concerning economic cooperation; and, Whereas this agreement will facilitate contacts between schools, universities and academic professionals; and, Whereas the promotion of sporting events, tourism and cultural exchanges between the two cities will be encouraged.

The city of Lublin, Poland is the capital and the centre of the Lublin Voivodeship province; it is the largest city in southeastern Poland, and as of 2012 it has an approximate population of 348,120. This location is at a crossroad between the remainder of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, which has infused the city with a melting pot of different cultures. Lublin has a thriving cultural, historical, and academic scene. The city’s historical heritage, its Lublin Renaissance is housed in its old city, the Rynek. The city itself has many museums, theatres and music centres with notable landmarks being the Lublin Medieval Castle and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which is also the Lublin Museum. Lublin is also an industrial centre for southeastern Poland, as agricultural machinery; chemicals; automobiles and trucks; foodstuffs (especially sugar); and beer are produced. Lublin houses the Catholic University and the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University, as well as schools of medicine, agronomy, and engineering.

As a result of this twinning relationship and communal ties, various official, business and educational exchanges have taken place between Lublin and Windsor. Windsor’s Polish community has played an active role in the development of our city; in 2013, the Polish community celebrated the 105-year anniversary of the Polish Community in Windsor. The twinning relationship is demonstrated through reciprocated visits of official delegations, event collaborations (The Polish-Canadian Business and Professional 20th Anniversary), special gift exchanges (the Goat Fountain from Lublin located along the Detroit River) and memorable anniversary celebrations (the 10th anniversary visit to Lublin in 2010 and the 15th anniversary visit hosted by Windsor in 2015). Also, the University of Windsor has furthered exchange initiatives by signing a Memoranda of Agreements with the Lublin-based universities of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and John Paul II Catholic University.

Report of Official Delegation to Lublin 2001-Signing of the Agreement

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