Las Vueltas, El Salvador

Las Vueltas, El Salvador


  • In recognition of our twinning relationship between the Regional Municipality of Las Vueltas, Chalatenango, El Salvador and the City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada April 13, 1987. We commemorate our partnership of international solidarity and moral support in the struggle for basic human rights and justice. This will continue to strengthen the deep bonds of friendship and continue to a better understanding between our two communities, as we share our desire for world peace and work for the dignity of all.

Las Vueltas is a small town located in northwestern El Salvador in the Municipality of the department of Chalatenango; the town’s last known population is 688 residents. Las Vueltas is part of the cluster of municipalities that report almost no homicide yearly in Chalatenango. As a small rural town, the city is limited in industries and resources, however, the most significant economic activity for their economy is the production of hammocks and cantaros. The town has undergone recent social development, and the tourism industry is slowly emerging, especially with their annual coverage of festivities and cultural events.

Windsor hosted a 25th Anniversary Community Dinner in 2012 to celebrate the twinning with Las Vueltas in which community members attended to celebrate this important milestone. The Salvadoran population in Windsor is larger than it is in Las Vueltas, and Windsor has made efforts to extend outreach to Las Vueltas on multiple occasions, most recently inviting their dignitaries to attend the International Children’s Games that was held in 2013.

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