Gunsan, South Korea

Gunsan, South Korea


  • The city of Gunsan, Jeollabukdo, Republic of Korea, and the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, wish to promote mutual understanding and goodwill between themselves and, for this purpose, intent to enter into a formal agreement to allow them to pursue friendly and extensive cooperation for Social, Cultural, Educational, and Economic opportunities. Based on the principle of reciprocity and equality ...

The city of Gunsan is located in the North Jeolla Province in South Korea, and it has an approximate population of 278,495 residents. The city is known for its high-tech industrial manufacturing and its busy international trade seaport. Also, Gunsan with its many historical sites plays a significant role in the history of modern cultural heritage in Korea. As a multi-tourism city, it has a lot of natural scenery and natural beauty to offer; an example is the Gunsan Islands that consist of 16 inhabited islands and 47 uninhabited islands, as well as Wolmyeong Park and other various landmarks. Gunsan’s major industries include plywood production, paper, pulp, breweries and rubber manufacturing, as well as rice processing.

There are approximately 650 Korean residents in Windsor, as well as many Korean organizations and associations. Over the years, Windsor has welcomed and hosted delegates from Gunsan on various occasions, for example the 2012 business delegation visit of Gunsan Vehicle Parts Manufacturers to Windsor for a B2B Meeting and the delegation visit to Windsor for the 10 Year twin cities anniversary. On the other hand, representatives of the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation had the opportunity to visit Gunsan in 2012 for the conclusion of the Economic Cooperation Agreement with Gunsan Industrial Complex. Also, other exchanges have occurred, such as a work program exchange with Gunsan in 2015 and the donation of funds from the Korean Society of Windsor for the establishment of the Gunsan, South Korea Gardens located in Jackson Park.

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