Coventry, England

Coventry, England


  • In Commemoration of our Twinning Relationship between the City of Coventry, West Midlands England and the City of Windsor, Essex County, Canada in 1963. We hereby renew our commitment as Twin Cities in recognition of friendship and understanding and of our Social, Cultural, Economic and Educational Bonds.

Coventry is an industrial city located in Metropolitan County in the West Midlands. It is a center of industry, such as modern textiles and telecommunications, and is known for the construction of automotive and aircraft engines. A multicultural and lively city with a population of 337,400, Coventry is the 2nd largest city in the West Midlands region and the 9th largest city in England. The city has many renowned attractions and is part of a region that is rich in culture, history, and heritage with many cathedrals and castles, most prominent being St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

Coventry is also an educational centre with two well-established institutions of higher education that have connections with the University of Windsor. The City of Windsor contributed in funding to the University of Windsor Forensics Association Conference, which was held on March 21, 2014 in collaboration with the University of Coventry. Also, in 2013, both cities celebrated their 50th twinning anniversary, and a delegation from Coventry was invited to attend the International Children’s Games held in Windsor. The University of Windsor has also furthered our collaborative efforts by setting student exchange links with universities in Coventry. Windsor has a documented history of British culture and residence in the area, and to honour this history and the twinning with Coventry, a seven-acre Coventry Gardens was added to the original Reaume Park in 1975.

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