Meeting Attendance

Windsor City Council adopted the following resolution at its meeting held March 8, 2010:

  • M83-2010 That City Council ESTABLISH, through Council Services, an attendance tracking system for City Councillors, posted on the City website, recording month-to-month attendances and absences, starting on March 8, 2010, for Council meetings, In-Camera meetings, Budget Meetings, Advisory Committees, Agencies and Board meetings, with a notice protocol for Councillors to indicate the reason for absences, including conflicts with any other City-related meetings or obligations. Absences at special meetings and budget meetings when seven days notice is not provided will also be exempt. A link to minutes of full Council meetings, starting in March 2010, will also be provided on the website, indicating absences from Council votes.

The Council Secretariat Office will be posting council attendance records on a weekly basis as the information becomes available.

Mayor Drew Dilkens

Councillor Fred Francis

Councillor Fabio Costante

Councillor Renaldo Agostino

Councillor Mark McKenzie

Councillor Ed Sleiman

See the City of Windsor's Council Minutes archive.

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