Who is Who at City Council Meetings

Here are some of the people you will see if you attend a Council meeting:

  • The Mayor, who is elected at large from the entire City, chairs the Council meeting.
  • The ten Councillors: one is elected from each of the ten wards in the City of Windsor, constitute City Council together with the Mayor.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer, who is responsible for operating the City Administration under the direction of Council, is present to respond to general questions from members of Council.
  • The City Clerk and Deputy Clerk(s) are responsible for the preparation of the agenda, the recording of the proceedings and the preparation of the minutes and correspondence resulting from the decisions of Council. The City Clerk also advises on rules of procedure whenever requested by the Mayor or Council.
  • The City Solicitor is present to advise Council on legal aspects of the business being discussed.
  • The Commissioners of the remaining service areas (Community Services, Finance and City Treasurer, Infrastructure Services and City Engineer, Human and Health Services, Economic Development and Corporate Services) are present to respond to specific questions from members of Council regarding items on the agenda or other municipal matters.
  • Delegations are present to speak to specific items on the agenda in which they have an interest.
  • The media is present to report the proceedings of Council to press, radio, television and the Internet.

Council and Customer Services
Suite 530 - 350 City Hall Square West
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 6S1

For general information, call 311.
For detailed inquiries, call Council Agenda Coordinator at (519) 255-6432 or
Fax: (519) 255-6868.

Email: clerks@citywindsor.ca