Investment Support Program

Investment Support Program

What it is

Windsor’s Investment Support Program (ISP) is a cross-functional service program that guides strategic investment projects through municipal approvals and requirements. The program includes stakeholders from a number of departments and external organizations and aims to ensure timely and customer-focused service.


To be eligible for ISP, projects must have one (or more) of the following characteristics:

  • The project creates or retains a minimum of 50 jobs within the manufacturing sector or creates more than 20 jobs or retains a minimum of 35 jobs within any other targeted sector(s);
  • The project is a major tourism investment expected to draw a minimum annual attendance of 100,000 visitors;
  • The project is uniquely complex with multiple priorities and stakeholders; and
  • The project adds to the diversification of the local economy by developing a targeted sector identified by the City.

What you receive

This first-class concierge service connects all relevant stakeholders to your project:

  1. We conduct an initial pre-consultation to outline requirements, processes and timelines.
  2. We assign an Economic Development Officer as the single point of contact to establish a bi-weekly feedback-loop for you to receive updates on your project.

The Economic Development Officer is assigned to each strategic investment and works proactively with other departments and external agencies to guide projects through the municipal process. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Planning approvals
  • Construction permits
  • Licensing requirements
  • Utilities
  • Technology requirements
  • Tax and fee estimations
  • Any other requirements for your project

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