Facility Accessibility Design Standards

The Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS) has been compiled to assist architects, engineers, designers, builders and contractors in the construction and modification of barrier-free environments. It will also assist those who want to make their homes and businesses accessible to persons with disabilities.
Information has been gathered from a variety of sources - from within Canada, the United States and internationally. In our view, these guidelines set goals that are attainable and will provide a barrier-free environment in Windsor.
This standard provides guidelines for the accommodation of a variety of disabilities. It is important to recognize that persons with disabilities each have their own unique abilities and needs as far as accessibility is concerned. The object of universal access is to apply standards from the perspective of a person with a disability, not assumptions about what a person with a disability might want or need.
It is also important to note that as our community ages, the need for universal access will increase. Full participation through universal access is good for business and good for the community.
Within our existing environment, basic access can be achieved relatively easily by changing door hinges and handles, lowering counter tops, painting contrasting colours, installing power outlets close to telephones for TTY users or constructing ramps near building entrances. In new building construction, most of the guidelines in this standard can be easily and relatively inexpensively incorporated into the design.
We hope this standard will prompt each reader to look at and experience our built environment in a different way and encourage all Windsorites to do their part by moving towards the ultimate goal - a barrier-free community.