Blue Box Container Recycling

Blue Box - Container Recycling

What Can I Put in my Blue Box?

All Containers: Place these items loose in the Blue Box. Flatten or crush to make more room in the Blue Box. You can place out at the curb as many blue boxes as you like. Do not place your recycling overflow of containers in a plastic bag at the curb. It will not be collected.

  • Clamshells, trays and cups: includes clear plastic containers, trays, clamshells, cups, plastic (fruit) baskets, etc. Rinse and place loose in the Blue Box.
  • Polycoat beverage cartons and Tetra Paks: includes milk cartons, juice cartons, creamer cartons, juice boxes, broth cartons, soup cartons, etc. Rinse and place loose in the Blue Box.
  • Aluminum foil: loose sheets, aluminum trays and aluminum pie plates only. Flatten plates and trays. Roll foil into a ball.
  • Tubs and lids: margarine, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, spreads and dips. Empty, rinse and place loose in the Blue Box. Remove lid and recycle lid as well.
  • Food and beverage cans: pop and juice cans, vegetable cans, fruit cans, etc. All aluminum and steel cans are accepted, including frozen juice cans. Rinse and place loose in the Blue Box
  • Plastic bottles and jugs: pop, water, sport drink bottles, lotion, shampoo, fabric softener and squeeze bottles. Rinse and place loose in your Blue Box. Discard plastic lids.
  • Empty aerosol and paint cans: Empty alkyd and latex paint cans - no plastic cans. Empty aerosol spray cans: deodorizers, cooking spray, shaving cream, etc. All cans must be empty. Paint trick: let product dry out and knock out dried paint into garbage, then recycle the empty can. Try to use all your paint up. If you have leftover paint, bring it to the Household Chemical Waste Depot for free. Discard plastic lids, recycle metal lids.
  • Glass bottles and jars: all colours of glass bottles and jars are accepted (i.e. condiment bottles and jars, dressings, sauces, etc.) Place loose in Blue Box. No ceramics, window glass or broken glass. Metal lids can be recycled in your Blue Box. Please don't fill Blue Box with glass, as it will be too heavy for collectors.

Please crush your pop cans, beverage cartons and plastic bottles to make more room in the recycle box.

Bring 'em back to the Beer Store! Across Ontario, a deposit return program has been established. That means, instead of putting empty wine, beer and spirit containers in your Blue Box, you can take them back to the Beer Store for a full deposit refund! Yes, that's right! Every wine, beer, and spirit container bought at the LCBO and at Ontario wineries, can be returned to The Beer Store, and you get your applicable refund back.

Containers only in your Blue Box! - No paper or other products. Weight Limit (per box): 20 kg/44 lbs.

Not Accepted in the Blue Box:

  • No plastic grocery bags or other plastic film wraps
  • No Styrofoam/no foam type of material (plates or cups)
  • No pots and pans
  • No propane tanks, no propane cylinders
  • No plastic items such as CD/DVD Cases, toys, lawn furniture, tools, etc.
  • No construction items such as pipe, hose, tubing or siding
  • No electronic items - drop off at the Public Drop Off Depot for free
  • No ceramics, window glass or broken glass is to be placed in your Blue Box.
  • Broken glass should be placed in a cardboard box and closed/sealed/taped shut and clearly marked on the outside of the box "broken glass" and placed out with your regular garbage.

Things to Remember:

  • Please place your Blue Box at the curb prior to 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled days.
  • Collection can occur anytime between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on your scheduled days.
  • Look for the Blue Box picture on your collection calendar to find out your scheduled collection days. Replacement calendars can be obtained by calling 311, or you can view your collection calendar online.
  • Blue Boxes will not be collected in alleyways.
  • The Blue Box is for containers only.
  • Place items loose in your Blue Box. No bags please.
  • Rinse containers. Discard plastic caps, recycle metal caps. Flatten plastic bottles.
  • Please put your Blue Box in a visible location at the curb, next to those of an adjacent neighbour. Recycling boxes signal collection truck drivers to stop.
  • Replacement Blue Boxes can be purchased at Home Hardware Stores.

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