Value of Trees

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Value of Trees

Trees are an Investment

Almost everyone knows that trees and other living plants are valuable. They beautify our surroundings, purify our air, act as sound barriers, manufacture precious oxygen, and help us save energy through their cooling shade in summer and their wind reduction in winter.

Many people do not realize, however, that plants have a dollar value of their own that can be measured by competent plant appraisers.

  • Tree size - Sometimes the size and age of a tree are such that it cannot be replaced. Trees that are too large to be replaced should be assessed by professionals who use a specialized appraisal formula.
  • Species of Tree - Trees that are hardy, durable, highly adaptable and free from objectionable characteristics such as pods or nuts which add to the debris are most valuable and require less maintenance.
  • Condition of the tree - A well-cared-for tree with healthy roots, trunk, branches and buds will have a higher value.
  • Location of the tree - One tree standing alone will often have a higher value than a tree in a group. A tree near your house, or one which is a focal point in your landscape, tends to have more value.

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