Non-Commissioned Member Materials Management Technician

Non-Commissioned Member - Materials Management Technician

Full-time, Part-time

Minimum Qualifications (non negotiable):

In order to apply for this position, you MUST meet three basic criteria:

  • You MUST have 15 high school credits (Grade 10 in Ontario)*

  • You MUST be between 16 and 56 years old*

  • You MUST be a Canadian Citizen. Permanent Residents cannot apply.*

  • You will be required to join the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve to be employed in this position. This is NOT a civilian placement.

Preferred but negotiable:

Job Description:

​Materials Management Technicians ensure that all of the supplies and services necessary for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations are available where and when they are required. They handle a variety of items such as food, fuel, heavy machinery, spare parts, stationery and clothing.

The primary responsibilities of Materials Management Technicians are to:

  • Manage the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stock control and disposal of obsolete stock and equipment

  • Receive, handle and prepare items for shipment

  • Operate military vehicles weighing up to 10 tones and materials-handling equipment such as forklifts

  • Process invoices and prepare shipping documents

  • Order material from internal and external sources and purchase supplies

  • Deliver supplies and provide services to operational units

  • Perform record keeping, stock taking and inventory control

  • Maintain accounting and financial records

  • Process and coordinate repair and disposal functions

Supply Technicians working with the Army participate in operation and training with combat teams, including such duties as driving and maintaining vehicles.

How To Apply

Phone: 519-254-2535, Ext. 4512


Or contact:

Phone: 1-800-856-8488

Find a Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Centre near you.​