Custom Furniture Builder

Custom Furniture Builder

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Minimum Qualifications (non negotiable):

Position Summary

The Custom Furniture Builder specializes in problem solving and making custom furniture for clients. The ideal candidate will be able to bring creative solutions to challenging design projects, while also maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Required Skills & Abilities

• Extensive experience in woodworking and furniture making, with a focus on custom designs and problem solving
• Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain high standards of craftsmanship
• Ability to read and interpret design plans, blueprints, and specifications
• Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues
• Willingness to learn and adapt to new techniques and technologies in the industry

Required Education & Experience

• OSSGD equivalent or above
• 10 years wood shop as a builder or Artisan



Preferred but negotiable:

Job Description:

Position Responsibilities

• Collaborate with clients to understand their needs and preferences for custom furniture

• Develop innovative solutions to design challenges while adhering to project timelines and budgets

• Use woodworking tools and techniques to build custom furniture pieces from scratch

• Conduct quality checks to ensure that all furniture pieces meet the highest standards of craftsmanship

• Manage materials and inventory to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget

• Maintain a clean and safe work environment

How To Apply

​If you are interested in applying for this job or have any questions please contact:

Josie Castagna, Job Developer

 (519) 977-6444 ext. 5533,


Note to Applicants:

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