Commissioned Officer Logistics

Commissioned Officer - Logistics

Full-time, Part-time

Minimum Qualifications (non negotiable):

In order to apply for this position, you MUST meet three basic criteria:

  • You MUST be currently enrolled in an accredited Canadian University OR you must currently hold a Bachelor's degree.

  • You MUST be between 16 and 56 years old

  • You MUST be a Canadian Citizen. Permanent Residents and International Students are not eligible to apply.

  • You will be required to join the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve to be employed in this position. This is NOT a civilian placement.

Preferred but negotiable:

Job Description:

​Logistics Officers provide the various means of transportation, equipment and supplies for the movement of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and all types and sizes of cargo throughout the world.

The responsibilities of a Logistics Officers include:

  • Procurement

  • Warehousing items and material control

  • Distribution and disposal of military material, equipment, and ammunition

  • Coordination of food services, postal services, human resource or financial services

That means everything from the initial budgeting and procurement, to warehousing of material, vehicles and ammunition, to arranging transportation for the movement of personnel and cargo throughout the world. As an officer, your primary responsibility is to lead a team of talented men and women under your command. When you’re in the field, you’ll likely be working out of a Command Post coordinating the various sustainment activities, and physically working on the ground with the troops.

Following this, you’ll complete specialty logistics training and training focused on your environmental affiliation.

A Logistics Officer in the Army will be employed as a platoon commander in a General Support or Close Support Service Battalion.

The Logistics Officer Common Course is held at the home of the majority of all our logistics training, the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics, or CFSAL, in Borden, Ontario.

Logistics Officers are employed throughout all three military environments: the Army, Navy and Air Force, and each represents its own challenges.

This is a multifaceted career, throughout the course of which you will work in: Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, or Food Services.

Logistics Officers - or Log Officers - are responsible for ensuring that all military operations and exercises are properly supported.

We offer skills that most employers find valuable, for example:

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving

  • Leadership

  • First Aid/CPR/AED Training


There are opportunities to travel and work in many different environments.

All training is paid and when you are sent on training courses, all accommodations, and meals are covered by the employer.

As a Reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces, you do not sign a contract locking you in to a fixed period of service.

As an Army Reservist we offer: 100% medical coverage while on duty, a dental plan, and a pension plan. Pay rates are based on a daily rate with annual increases, and increases with promotions. This is an excellent opportunity for students. We offer a full time summer employment program that will provide the successful applicant the opportunity to work on a salary basis starting 1 May to 31 Aug, or any part thereof. This is guaranteed for the first four years that you are employed with us.

How To Apply

Phone: 519-254-2535, Ext. 4512


Or contact:

Phone: 1-800-856-8488

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