Improve Quality of Natural Areas and Wetlands

Objective C7: Protect, Enhance and Expand the Quality and Condition of our Natural Areas and Wetlands

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Develop management plans for our unique and rare ecosystems in Windsor: the Ojibway Prairie Complex, Peche Island and South Cameron Natural Area.
  • Prepare management plans for natural area components and individual sites:
    • Identify issues that are currently impairing the quality of the natural area (i.e. habitat fragmentation/degradation, invasive species, incompatible human uses, littering, vandalism, erosion, etc.).
    • Identify strategies and actions to address the various issues and enhance our natural areas.
  • Implement management plans and actions (i.e. actively managing tall grass prairie by prescribed burns).
  • Continue to implement Species at Risk protection measures in all areas of Windsor and develop strategies to improve their status.
  • Monitor the quality and condition of our natural area components (i.e. integrity, biodiversity, health, etc.).
  • Provide multi-use buffer zones around natural areas and wetlands.
  • In conjunction with the creation of an Urban Forest Management Plan, conduct a canopy cover study of the city and set a new goal to increase the City’s canopy cover.

These indicators show the progress the City is making to achieve this objective:

  • Natural Area Management Plans
  • Urban Forest Management Plan
  • Canopy cover study

For more information on environmental initiatives:

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