ACHF Funded Projects 2022 Round 1

2022 Round 1 grant recipients and funded projects

Twenty-six applications totaling approximately $104,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2022. We are pleased to announce that nineteen of these projects - seventeen individuals and two organizations - have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $59,000. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Bilal Nasser: $5,000. 2022 Album. Funding to artist fees, recording costs, cover art and post-production of an album of original music.

Mitchell Branget: $4,000. The Final Haunting. Funding for artist fees and post-production costs for an original, locally created short film.

Tracey Atin: $4,000. “Flutter” Opera. Funding for artist fees for an original opera focusing on the lifecycle and migration patterns of monarchs.

Anthony Sheardown: $4,000. Stoked on Tofino. Funding for book printing, framing and print costs, and marketing and promotion of a new photo book.

Jacob McLean: $4,000. Mellowdraw. Funding for artist fees, production and promotion of a new album of original music.

Arts Collective Theatre ACT: $4,000. Soup, Salad, Story Sharing & Seniors. Funding for artist fees and materials for a new performing arts program focusing on seniors and storytelling.

Maria Belenkova-Buford: $3,900. Journey Back. Funding for artist fees, venue, design and production for a new short film.

Vanguard Youth Arts Collective: $3,600. Breaking Waves: A Vanguard Youth Workshop. Funding for arts supplies, artist fees, materials and promotion of a community mixed-media arts workshop for youth.

David Carovillano: $3,500. 88 and 1. Funding for artist fees and production for four original pieces of classical orchestral music to create a full-length original album.

Andrew Stanley: $3,000. Marysville, Tenth Line. Funding for pre-production and artist fees for an original feature film.

Diana Fleming: $3,000. Dance Creations 2022. Funding for artist fees, venue, materials and promotions for a multi-phase project creating a new work for dance artists.

Rob Palombo: $3,000. Saints Down. Funding for artist fees, production and marketing of original songs and corresponding music videos.

Kristina Bradt: $3,000. Tiny Art Vending Machine. Funding for artist fees, materials and curatorial work for a visual arts project that will fill a vending machine to be placed around the city.

Ken Amlin: $2,500. Windsor Re-Told. Funding for artist fees for creation of a new podcast sharing Windsor-Essex history from the 1800s, based on original radio broadcasts from 70 years ago.

Scott Rawlings: $2,500. Boo Gets the Blues. Funding for artist fees, production and publishing costs for an original children’s book on the topic of depression.

Eric Branget: $2,000. The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast. Funding to produce, edit, present and promote new episodes of a locally-made podcast featuring local actors and storytellers.

Curtis Byrne: $2,000. Stay Loyal: Reckless Upstarts. Funding for artist fees, recording and production of a 10-song album of original music.

Garrett McKelvie: $1,500. Bound. Funding for artist fees for writing, editing, artwork, and pre-production work on an original narrative short film.

Barbara Snyder: $500. Graphic History of Alexander Mackenzie. Funding for layout and printing of compiled art and notes for a book about Alexander Mackenzie, Mackenzie Hall, and the work of the late Evelyn McLean.

“The ACHF program remains a strong tool to help support local creators, individuals and organizations, in delivering projects that help grow and develop new audiences while fostering a greater appreciation for arts, culture and heritage in Windsor,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “Particularly now, as we begin to emerge from beneath pandemic restrictions that significantly impacted our creative sector, I am pleased to see such a varied list of artists and arts organizations receive funding through this stream. I’m proud of Council’s decision to increase the ACHF by $30,800. With $118,000 in funding now available each year, we are continuing to deliver results for the creative community.”

Bilal Nasser Mitchell Branget Tracey Atin Anthony Sheardown Jacob McLean ACT Arts Collective Theatre Maria Belekova-Buford Vanguard Youth Arts Collective David Carovillano Diana Fleming Rob Palombo Kristina Bradt Ken Amlin Scott Rawlings Eric Branget Curtis Byrne Garrett McKelvie Barbara Snyder