ACHF Funded Projects 2019 Round 1

2019 Round 1 Grant Recipients and Funded Projects

Forty-two applications totaling approximately $180,000 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the first round of funding in 2019. We are thrilled to announce that twenty-one of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:

Alysha Baker: $1,500. "Cupcake" Short Horror Film. Funds support local actors, filmmakers, materials and rentals for production of a film.

Brianna DeSantis: $2,000. Argento's Double Bill of "A Waterbird Talk" and "Miss Havisham's Wedding Night." Funds will support artistic and administrative fees for a local opera production.

Melanie Janisse Barlow: $2,000. "Kalinka" Literary non-fiction book. Funds will support expenses associated with the writing of a novel by a local author, poet and artist.

Amy Lock: $2,500. Craft Corner at the Downtown Windsor Farmers' Market. Funds will support materials and activities at the creative arts area for the Downtown Windsor Farmers' Market 2019 Season.

Drouillard Place/Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal: $2,500. Ford City Alley Mural Project ART SPLASH! Funds will support the artist fees for the design and production of six alley murals throughout Ford City.

Life After Fifty: $2,500. "Our West End" Mural. Funds will support the artist fees for the design and production of a community mural celebrating the west end.

Alex Forman: $1,500. "Vampire Zombies from Space" short film. Funds will support pre-production design costs of a locally-created short genre film.

Windsor Feminist Theatre: $2,000. "Watching Glory Die". Funds will support artist fees connected to a local theatre production presented in Windsor with plans to eventually go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

TeaJai Travis: $3,500. "Born Enslaved: A Freedom Story." Funds will support artist fees for a local writer working on a novel tracing his heritage and the roots of his ancestors.

Eric Branget: $1,600. "Commedia Del'Arte Untitled Project." Funds will support material costs for a one-act play being developed on the genre of Commedia Del'Artre.

Sara Fontaine: $1,500. "The Fontaine's" Original Album. Funds will support the final recording, mixing and mastering of a studio album.

Dr. Krista Loughead: $2,000. Reframing Stain Glass with a Youthful Twist. Funds will support artist fees and materials for a visual art project pairing artists with arts mentors, and a public exhibition of newly created works.

Windsor Essex Youth Choir: $2,000. "J'appartiens: I Belong" Concert. Funds will support artist fees, rentals, materials and promotion of a concert series.

Dave Woodall/Delta Company: $1,000. "What if the Best of our Wages Be?" Funds will support restoration work of a historic mural.

Austin DiPietro: $3,000. "Bishop Boys Video 'Gin & Tonic'." Funds will support artist and performer fees, as well as production costs for a music-based project with accompany video production.

Gemma Cunial: $1,500. "The Rabbit and the Snare" short film. Funds will support artist fees, production costs, and festival fees for a short film being locally produced.

Bike Windsor Essex: $2,000. "Explore Your City Bike Rides." Funds will support the development of an arts and heritage themed bike ride to explore neighbourhoods of Windsor.

Jay Raven: $2,500. "Akidoodem" Mural Project. Funds will support artist fees, materials, production, installation and publishing costs associated with a mural project in Windsor.

Brittni Brinn: $2,000. "Body and Gender Performance" Novel. Funds will support author fees and printing costs for the development of a novel.

MusicFest Windsor: $3,500. "MusicFest Windsor." Funds will support audio engineering and production fees for the 2019 instalment of the popular festival celebrating music in Windsor.

Justin Lafontaine: $1,000. "Stroll Windsor 2019." Funds will support production costs for the second year of a tourism initiative focused on the exploration of culture and heritage through Windsor neighbourhoods.

This was the second funding round to utilize the new electronic application system, and we are very pleased with the response. The jury was excited by the variety of applications received, and the strength of the projects themselves.

Brianna DeSantis Melanie Janisse Barlow Amy Lock Drouillard Place / Ford City Life After Fifty Windsor Feminist Theatre TeaJai Travis Sara Fontaine Windsor-Essex Youth Choir Johnny West Gemma Cunial Bike Windsor Essex Jay Raven Brittni Brinn MusicFest Windsor Stroll Windsor