ACHF Funded Projects 2017 Round 2

2017 Round 2 Grant Recipients and Funded Projects

Twenty-nine applications totaling $124,701.17 in requested funding were received and adjudicated by our jury for the second round of funding in 2017. We are thrilled to announce that eighteen of these projects have received ACHF funding in the total amount of $43,600. We extend our congratulations to the following:
The Greater Windsor Concert Band: $4,000 - 20th Anniversary Concert - Funds will support the 20th Anniversary concert featuring memorable hits and table-top displays of the band's history.
Barbara Szeman: $1,000 - Willa - Funds for production costs associated with a short-film production of "Willa" optioned from novelist Stephen King through a program that allows first-time filmmakers to adapt the author's work.
Melanie Janisse: $2,000 - The Poets Series - Funds for studio space, art supplies, etc. for The Poets Series, which has gained national recognition. The artist has a goal of painting 150 portraits of Canadian poets in 2017, with a national tour planned.
Dr. Bernadette Berthelotte: $4,000 - MusicFest Windsor - Funds for production and tech fees for MusicFest Windsor which will bring 1,000 amateur musicians of all ages to the downtown.
Audra Macintyre: $2,500 - Windsor Language Exchange - Funds for graphic design, promotion, and technical support for a free weekly event that brings people together from many ethnic backgrounds to share culture primarily through language, but also through food, music, art and more.
Erin Armstrong: $3,500 - The Magic Flute, Opera by Mozart - Funds for orchestral recording and artist fees for a project that brings opera to Windsor in an abridged form.
Soul Brother Mike: $1,000 - The Family Soul Holiday Residency - Funds for artist fees and performances as part of an admission-free residency in downtown Windsor.
Crissi Cochrane: $4,000 - 2018 Album - Funds for artist fees and technical/engineer fees for the recording of a third full-length album tentatively titled "Pearl".
Christy Litster: $3,000 - Mount & Merkaba - Funds for materials, artist fees, venue, marketing and promotion of an arts show where the artist explores Light (Mer), Spirit (Ka) and Body (Ba) with creation of large-scale multifaceted fine art.
Windsor Poetry Slam: $2,100 - Spoken Word Artist Series - Funds for artist fees and travel for a monthly event that aims to bring top-tier spoken word artists to Windsor during a monthly slam poetry series.
Sasha Opeiko: $1,300 - Objects in Soviet Films - Funds for studio space, art supplies and production costs for an exhibit that visually recollects common domestic Soviet objects, investigating real objects and media recalled from artist's childhood in post-communist Belarus.
Revolution Youth Theatre: $1,000 - A Revolutionary Christmas - Funds for performance rights, scripts, costumes and other production costs for a theatre production with complete theatre experience for youth.
Windsor Jewish Community Centre: $2,000 - 2018 Windsor Jewish Film Festival - Funds for marketing, film rentals, shipping and access to this annual community film festival.
Walter Petrichyn: $3,700 - Life in a Border Town - Funds to cover artist fees for adaptation of text, radio transcriptions, etc. from early 20th century that depict life in Windsor-Detroit area in mid 19th century to produce audio stories about them in the form of a podcast.
Sarah Beveridge: $2,000 - Labour of Love - Funds for design, printing, photography, promotion, editing and artist fee for 100 books of "Labour of Love" - a book of photos with a visual narrative about love and the loss of a child.
Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival: $3,000 - Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival 2018 - Funds for marketing and promotion of the 2018 instalment of the Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival.
Arts Collective Theatre (ACT): $1,500 - ACT Community - Funds to cover a portion of the costs for "Dreamgirls", the first show in a new program that focuses on training and performance opportunities for multi-ethnic artists.

Windsor Classic Chorale: $2,000 - In Peace, We Remember - Funds to cover artist fees for musicians, performance manager, venue rental, choral and orchestral scores for a concert acknowledging Canadian veterans and people around the world who work for peace.

Overall, the jury was excited with the number of individuals and organizations who applied for funding. This round, the jury members said they really had an opportunity to support both large-scale events with a wide public appeal and also individual artists working at simply making art. They felt it was great to be able to support both types of projects, which have a powerful impact on this community in strong and varied ways. Additionally, the jury strongly believes the funded projects all provide exciting and engaging concepts with great opportunities for partnerships and strong potential to help grow and develop new audiences and an even greater appreciation for the arts in Windsor.
The Cultural Affairs Team would like to extend thanks to the jury who participated in the evaluation of the 2017 ACHF funding rounds. The jury consisted of:
  • Robert Ouellette (business owner and artist, returning juror)
  • Shawna Munro (artist, returning juror)
  • Janis Nickleson (retired teacher, theatre artist, and arts administrator)
  • Adam Castle (cultural administrator, business owner and musician)
  • Chynna-Chanel Resendes (cultural activist, grant writer and performer)
  • Charmaine Valbuena (musician, cultural administrator and Board Director for a local cultural organization) accepted the role as youth juror.
Greater Windsor Concert Band Willa Melanie Janisse - The Poets Series MusicFest Windsor Windsor Language Exchange Erin Armstrong - Abridged Opera Soul Brother Mike Crissi Cochrane Christy Litster Windsor Poetry Slam Sasha Opeiko Revolution Youth Theatre Windsor Jewish Community Centre Sarah Beveridge Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival ACT (Arts Collective Theatre) Windsor Classic Chorale