2015 ACHF Funded Projects Round 2

2015 Round 2 Grant Recipients and Funded Projects

Thirty-three applications totaling $133,495.00 were received and adjudicated by our Jury for the second round of funding in 2015. We are thrilled to announce that twenty-two of these projects have received ACHF funding. We extend our congratulations to the following:
Steven Green: $3,000 - These funds will be used to provide projects to allow youth in the downtown core to tell their stories through experiencing arts activities.
Vanessa Shields: $1,000 - These funds will be used for the writing of the first 50,000 words of "Hangman - Book 2", a novel.
Korda Artistic Productions: $1,000 - The Extension-Korda Summer Sessions will place emerging theatre artists in a community theatre and provide mentoring to allow them to operate a summer theatre company.
The Bloomfield House: $3,000 - Art Explosion will provide youth in Sandwich Town the opportunity to participate in arts activities.
Linda Couvillon: $500 - These funds will be used for the writing of an educational children's book - "The Preemie Baby" - to provide information on the process the baby and the family will go through at the hospital.
Michael Stone: $1,000 - These funds will be used for the release of 4 new songs as part of the "King Leroy" album project.
Windsor Classic Chorale: $650 - The funds will be used to provide workshops to amateur choristers providing an opportunity for them to grow as singers.
Cassandra Richardson: $2,500 - From Africa to the Middle East Drum Project will allow youth to engage with one another in a meaningful and fun way through multicultural rhythms.
Kaitlyn Kelly: $2,100 - Funding will allow for the production of a new and innovative theatrical work.
Lisa Pike: $3,000 - The funds will be used to create and develop "Policeman's Alley: A Play".
Ian MacGregor Smith: $1,500 - These funds will support the re-creation of the vocal ensemble "The Spectrum Chorus".
Miranda MacDougall: $3,000 - The "Found Spaces Theatre Festival" aims to utilize 4 venues to develop 20 different performances that will show over a three-day festival.
William Humphrey: $4,000 - The funds will be used to enhance an artist-in-residency program that will allow participants to train in conception and production of video and film works.
Theodore Bezaire: $2,500 - The "I'm From Windsor" Project will highlight diverse and talented people that call Windsor home through the development of short videos sharing their views of Windsor.
Windsor Printmaker's Forum: $3,500 - The funds will be used to research, develop and expand multidisciplinary art forms to investigate walking.
Crissi Cochrane: $1,000 - These funds will be used for recordings of several songs that will then be available to the public online, streaming for free.
Michael Hargreaves: $1,000 - Funds will be used for Artist Fees to provide the opportunity to write, arrange and rehearse new material.
Christie S. Nelson: $1,750 - The funds will be used to connect artists with a community affected by life-altering illnesses to co-create works of art that illustrate their life experiences.
Kenneth MacLeod: $1,000 - Funds will support a collaborative recording project that includes nine original songs and two instrumental tracks. The compositions deal directly with issues, attitudes and attributes that make Windsor a diverse and dynamic community.
Ted Lamont: $1,000 - The funds will be used to record new original material.
Windsor Jewish Community Centre: $2,500 - Funding will support the 14th Annual Windsor Jewish Film Festival.
Jennifer Willet: $3,100 - Funds will support "An Algae Organ" that will be developed to be taken to festivals throughout the region to engage residents with the BioArt Project.
Overall, the Jury was excited with the variety of applications received and believes the applications showcase interesting and exciting project ideas across genres, with many partnership opportunities that definitely accomplish the objectives and priorities of the fund.

ACHF Jury - 2015

Round 1 Jurors

  • Nadja Pelkey
  • John Vacratsis - Returning Juror from 2014
  • Nadia Silvestri
  • Lyndsey Matchett
  • Lori Newton - Returning Juror from 2014
  • Laura Service - Jury Alternate
  • Dean Scott - Jury Alternate; absent from Adjudication

Round 2 Jurors

  • Nadja Pelkey
  • John Vacratsis - Returning Juror from 2014
  • Nadia Silvestri
  • Lyndsey Matchett
  • Laura Service
  • Lori Newton - Returning Juror from 2014; absent from Adjudication
  • Dean Scott - Jury Alternate

Thank you for your service.

Steven Green Vanessa Shields Korda Artistic Productions The Bloomfield House Windsor Classic Chorale Ian MacGregor Smith Windsor Printmaker's Forum Theodore Bezaire Crissi Cochrane Michael Hargreaves - The Walkervilles Ted Lamont Windsor Jewish Community Centre Jennifer Willet