Riverfront Festival Plaza Finalization Project

Festival Plaza Improvements - Phase 1

Installation of new retaining wall and trail on the south perimeter of the plaza site.

Consultant: Landmark Engineers Inc.

Contractor: Elmara Construction

Status: Complete

Festival Plaza Improvements - Phase 2

Redevelopment of the festival plaza to improve functionality; improve site circulation and safety; enhance site aesthetics; and reduce heat island effect.

Consultant: Partisans Projects Inc.

Status: Community Engagement and Development of Various Costing Options for the Plaza Improvements

Next Steps: Detailed Design & Construction

To learn more about the project, and to provide feedback, visit the Festival Plaza website.

Learn more about the history of the Festival Plaza on Parks and Forestry's Festival Plaza park page or visit City Parks to learn more about other parks across the city.

For detailed inquiries regarding the festival plaza improvements, call Colleen Middaugh at (519) 255-6100 ext. 6603.
Email: cmiddaugh@citywindsor.ca 

For general information, call 311.