Solar Eclipse 2024 Helpful Information and Links

Unless you've been totally "in the dark," you know there's a solar eclipse coming on Monday, April 8, 2024. While exciting, looking at the sun directly during the eclipse presents safety hazards to your eyes and specifically the potential for damage to your retinas. It can even cause blindness. You may not experience pain if you look at the eclipse, but that doesn’t mean that harm won’t occur.

How to Watch Safely

Whether you’re in a location where there’s a partial or total eclipse, looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage. During any solar eclipse, it’s important to wear special eyewear with filters designed for eclipse watching to prevent damage such as vision loss.

Learn more: Solar Eclipse Safety (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit)

Windsor-Essex Solar Eclipse Guide

Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island has identified designated viewing sites and events in Windsor and Essex County.

Glasses over an eclipse and words, Stay Safe, Use solar eclipse glasses ISO 12312-2