Paul Martin Building in Downtown Windsor to Transform Into Boutique Hotel

The historic Paul Martin Building, spanning an entire city block in downtown Windsor, is set to undergo a transformation into a luxury boutique hotel. The project to revitalize the building will be carried out by RJM Holdings.

Acquired by the City of Windsor from the federal government in 2019, this iconic landmark has been at the centre of collective efforts between the City and its partners to revitalize Windsor’s vibrant and evolving downtown core. For the past three years, the property has served as the temporary home of the Windsor Public Library Central Branch, with the long-term goal of relocating that service to a permanent space within the next five years.

The Paul Martin Building was completed early in 1930, and designed by George Masson and Windsor-born architect Hugh P. Sheppard. The location was chosen to establish a federal government position of importance on the Windsor border between Canada and the United States. Over the years, it has housed Canada Post, the Canada Revenue Agency, and the Canadian Border Services Agency, in addition to serving as a temporary library. The federal government worked to restore the building’s facade, with the work finishing up in 2017.

As part of RJM’s plans, the Paul Martin Building will be transformed into a world-class boutique hotel featuring 80 to 100 individually styled suites. The site will also include 20 to 40 full-service residences, primarily for corporate travellers and companies wishing to obtain a corporate suite. Among its many amenities, the property will feature an in-house restaurant, café, several meeting and event spaces, a library/lounge, and retail space. This project is supported by the City of Windsor’s 2017 Community Improvement Program, and aligns with the Windsor Works plan for economic development through many initiatives, including the revitalization of the downtown core.


“Today marks a significant milestone in the rich history of the Paul Martin Building, and a major step forward for downtown Windsor. This is the start a transformative journey to create a boutique hotel, located downtown and steps away from our incredible waterfront. I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to RM Group; Dino Maggio; and, in particular, a special thank you to Rob Myers for his faith in our community. The investment they’re making, and the work they’ll be putting into our downtown revitalization vision is significant. This exciting venture not only preserves the architectural legacy of the Paul Martin Building but also contributes to the ongoing renaissance of our community. City Council remains committed to changing the trajectory of downtown Windsor to align with the growth and excitement happening across our entire city. Council’s investments through the downtown CIP, focus on safety and revitalization, and unwavering commitment to creating amazing experiences are all helping to lock in these wins for Windsor.” Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“We are excited to make this announcement today that we will be transforming the historical Paul Martin Building into a luxury boutique hotel. This is a great opportunity, and we look forward to developing a product that supports Windsor and its growth. We are invested in Southwestern Ontario and have a strong passion for uniqueness, excellent service and the arts. We will cater to corporate travelers, tourists and locals. There will be elements of the Retro Suites Hotel brand within the space, preserving the building’s historical elements while adding in modern art and design. We are pleased to work with all of Windsor’s community partners in assisting in the revitalization of Downtown Windsor, similar to that of Detroit with the Shinola and Foundation Hotel. Over the next couple of years we will develop this property with the thought of honouring the city’s rich history and its citizens.” Rob Myers, Chairman and CEO, RM Group of Companies

"Our collective efforts have consistently delivered a lot of small wins for downtown, and now, with this announcement, we're celebrating a big win. This project not only preserves the rich heritage of the Paul Martin Building but also serves as a catalyst for future investments that will revitalize our city's core. This is just the beginning." – Ward 3 Councillor Ronaldo Agostino