Mayor Dilkens Tables 2024 City of Windsor Budget

In accordance with Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022, which granted special powers and duties to heads of council, the annual municipal budget is required to be tabled before February 1 each year. Pursuant to these changes, the City of Windsor’s 2024 budget has been tabled by Mayor Drew Dilkens for the first time.

Dilkens’ fiscally prudent and responsible proposed budget includes a 3.93% municipal tax levy increase – below the average annual rate of inflation and down from last year’s 4.48% increase. Through this continued focus to be fiscally responsible, the City has saved Windsor taxpayers a cumulative $1.38 billion since 2008, which translates into a $105 million savings in 2024 with anticipated and continued annual savings accruing to taxpayers well into the future. Since 2006, Windsor residents have experienced a total increase in the tax levy of only 12% versus 67% for the provincial average.

Of the proposed 3.93% increase, only 0.18% of the operating budget is discretionary spending, and the remainder comprises contractual obligations and inflationary pressures. The proposed budget continues to pay down legacy debt, increase reserves and invest in growth and affordable housing. When compared to the average tax levy increases reported by local municipalities and the province for cities of a similar size, the proposed tax levy is lower.

As part of the 2024 proposed budget, Dilkens proposes a $1.9 billion 10-year capital budget that will sustain the City’s sharp growth trajectory. This includes $206,895,000 in capital investments for 2024, which represents a 24% increase in annual capital spending from 2016 to present. Contemplated in the overall investments for 2024 are:

  • $569 million for roads;
  • $471 million for sewers; and
  • $183 million for parks and recreation.

Pursuant to the new provincial legislation, City Council has 30 days to propose amendments to the 2024 proposed budget. The public and City Council will have two weeks to review the budget. Council will then hear from delegations on January 22, 2024. At the conclusion of that meeting, Council will decide on the frequency of subsequent deliberations on the budget up to February 6, 2024.

As part of the overall process this year, each member of City Council was consulted on a one-on-one basis and granted the ability to comment and make suggestions for amendments. As a result of those consultations and work undertaken to date, the proposed tax levy makes Windsor one of the most affordable cities of its size in Ontario.


This proposed 2024 municipal budget for the City of Windsor is a delicate and responsible balance of compromises and investments that delivers a modest tax levy increase to the residents during inflationary times. It maintains the continued delivery of municipal services and access to amenities while recognizing the need for future growth planning without jeopardizing our financial stability. Through this budget, we will continue to be forward-thinking and invest in infrastructure, economic development, affordability, safety, and quality of life as part of our continued commitment to building a resilient, thriving and inclusive Windsor for all.” - Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens