Coyote Sightings at Roseland Golf Course

While golfers are away, the coyotes will play! Neighbours and walkers near Roseland Golf and Curling Club have been reporting coyote sightings on the course. Acknowledging the sightings, Roseland's General Manager & Head Golf Professional David Deluzio notes that this annual occurrence happens during this time of the year while the course is not in use.

“Coyotes are common throughout Windsor and Essex County and tend to avoid people,” said Karen Alexander, City of Windsor Naturalist & Outreach Coordinator. “They do not normally present any harm to people, but if you are concerned about encountering a coyote, there are some helpful tips that you can follow.”

Keeping Your Pet Safe

  • Do not leave small dogs unattended. Keep dogs and cats inside at night.
  • Clean up after your dog – coyotes are attracted to dog feces.
  • Use caution on trails at dawn and dusk – this is when coyote activity is highest. If you do see a coyote and have a small dog, pick up your dog. Ensure your dog is on a leash.
  • Carry a flashlight or an air horn when walking your dog at night to scare off coyotes.
  • If you are approached, act big and make loud noises until the coyote retreats. Never run or turn your back on a coyote.

Discourage Coyotes from Entering Your Property

  • Clear away bushes and dense weeds near your home where coyotes may find cover and small animals to prey upon. Use motion-sensor lights.
  • Close off spaces under porches, decks and sheds. Coyotes use these areas for denning and raising young.
  • Remove all water and food sources from your yard, including birdseed.
  • Use secure garbage containers with locking lids and store in an enclosed structure. Put garbage out the morning of a scheduled pickup.

Residents are asked to contact the 311 Customer Contact Centre with any questions or concerns.