City of Windsor 2024 Budget Finalized

After public delegations, Council amendments and final calculations by City administration, the City of Windsor’s 2024 Budget has been finalized and adopted. Mayor Dilkens’ fiscally prudent and responsible budget comes in with a 3.91% municipal tax levy increase – below the average annual rate of inflation and down from last year’s 4.48% increase. When compared to the average tax levy increases reported by local municipalities and across the province for cities of a similar size, Windsor’s tax levy increase is one of the lowest.

The budget continues to pay down legacy debt, increase reserves and invest in growth. As part of the budget, Mayor Dilkens included a $1.9 billion 10-year capital budget to sustain the city’s sharp growth trajectory. This includes $206,895,000 in capital investments for 2024, which represents a 24% increase in annual capital spending from 2016 to present. Included in the overall investments are $569 million for roads, $471 million for sewers, and $183 million for parks and recreation.

In accordance with the Municipal Act, the Mayor is required to table an annual budget for City Council’s consideration on or before February 1st each year. Mayor Dilkens tabled the 2024 City budget on January 8th, 2024. Following two weeks of review, Council heard from public delegations on January 22nd, and held a special meeting on January 29th wherein City Council proposed a number of amendments to the budget.

Mayor Dilkens accepted all of the proposed amendments by City Council and did not exercise his veto authority on any amendment.


“I am proud to finalize a 2024 City budget that is a delicate and responsible balance of investments and compromises while delivering a tax levy increase below the rate of inflation. This budget is not just a financial plan, but a testament to our continued dedication to service delivery, fiscal responsibility, and strategic growth. This fiscal prudence has a significant impact on daily life for folks across the entire community. Throughout the process, I was able to meet with every member of Council one-on-one to help inform the budget I tabled. As a Council, we appreciated hearing from delegates, and our follow-up deliberations were productive and provided the opportunity for us to dive into the details. Councillors proposed reasonable amendments during our discussion. With all of Council’s amendments adopted, the budget is now final and continues to make Windsor one of the most affordable cities of its size in Ontario, while investing in our growth and, most importantly, respecting the taxpayer.” - Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens