Program Overview

A City of Windsor Wellness Program

The City of Windsor Wellness Program is designed to improve the overall health and wellbeing of all City of Windsor employees, retirees and family members.

  • The City of Windsor Wellness Program is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of City of Windsor Union and Non-Union representatives, as well as key external agencies. A Working Committee, comprised of a smaller subset of individuals from the Steering Committee and other City departments, has been established. The Working Committee is responsible for ensuring that the quality wellness program, approved by the Steering Committee, is rolled out to employees, retirees and family members, in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Due to the large number of geographically spread out City of Windsor worksites, Wellness Hubs have been created. Wellness Hubs are locations where wellness information is displayed and distributed, and where special events may be held.
  • Each Wellness Hub has its own Wellness Champion. This individual works closely with the Working Committee to ensure that the program is smoothly carried out at each Wellness Hub and its attached worksites.
  • The wellness program includes newsletters, health guides, online information, e-bulletins, contests, educational presentations, kick-off events, special events, wellness centres & displays, and environmental support.

Terms of Reference - a description of the objectives and structure of the City Wellness Program.

Wellness Information Sheet - provides a brief outline on the annual wellness events.