Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology Department is The Corporation of the City of Windsor’s enterprise-wide technology services organization. The IT Department provides solutions that empower residents, City departments and partners. IT’s day-to-day responsibilities include managing technology projects and ensuring that the enterprise systems, applications, networks, end user devices, and communications systems, which support the operations of the City, are continuously available and operating effectively. IT embraces its responsibility to help manage costs by utilizing a total-cost-of-ownership approach with all of our responsibilities and continuously improving the cost structure of the Corporation’s technology without compromising service. The IT Department recognizes the Corporation’s environmental responsibility and incorporates that responsibility into project deliverables and procurement practices.

Mission Statement:

To lead the City of Windsor in Information Technology by providing infrastructure, project management and support services with an underlying focus on customer service.

IT provides the following services and sub-services:

Information Technology Design and Planning

  • Business Planning
  • IT Application Architecture Development
  • IT Information Architecture Development
  • IT Technology Architecture Development
  • IT Security Architecture Development
  • IT Portfolio Development
  • IT Policy Governance
  • Administration & Strategic Leadership

Business Solutions Development and Support

  • Business Solution Advisory
  • Business Solution Analysis and Development
  • Business Solution Operation
  • Business Solution Functional Support
  • Business Solution Change and Issue Management
  • Administration & Strategic Leadership

Information Technology Infrastructure Operations

  • IT Infrastructure Procurement
  • IT Infrastructure Operation
  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance
  • IT Infrastructure Life Cycle Management
  • Administration & Strategic Leadership

Information Technology Department
400 City Hall Square East, Suite 206
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 7K6

For general inquiries, call 311.
For detailed inquiries, call 519-255-6143.