Legal Services Phone Directory

Armaleo, Natalie

Askin Hager, Shelby

D'Ambrosio, Natalie

Farough, Aaron

Gural, Karly

Jarnevic, Debra

Malott, Jude

Meloche, Joshua

Millar, Jessica

Nazarewich, Mark

O’Moore, Shannon

Santos, Stephanie

Savi-Mascaro, Kristina

  • Senior Legal Counsel - Litigation/Acting Deputy City Solicitor - Purchasing, Risk Management and Provincial Offences.
  • Phone 519-255-6100, ext. 6426.

Scarfone, Frank

Sotto, Mary

Strosberg, Sharon

Tracey, Catherine (Kate)

Vendrasco, Wira

Witteveen, Mitchell

Wright, Denise

  • Lease Administrator/incoming Manager of Real Estate Services. Phone 519-255-6100, ext. 6403.