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Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plan Open HouseLou Romano Water Reclamation Plant Open House!!

Learn about how wastewater is cleaned before it goes back into the Detroit River. Take a tour of the plant and check out some fun environmental activities on June 20th, 10am-2pm. 

Council approves municipal Community Garden Policy

For more information on the program or to apply to operate a community garden on City of Windsor property, refer to the Community Garden webpage.

New video! Waste Water: Where Does it Go?

Ever wonder what happens to water when you flush the toilet? Do laundry? Wash your car? Watch the video to find out!

Check out the 2013 Report on the State of our Environment to see how Windsor's environment has changed over time!

In October 2012 Windsor City Council approved the Green the City Fleet Manual. The guiding prinicple in this green fleet plan is to improve fuel efficiency, which will reduce air emissions and fuel costs. The actions selected for inclusion in the green fleet plan shall guide the City's fleet decisions to ensure the environment is considered in all decisions made.

The City of Windsor released our Climate Change Adaptation Plan in 2012 with the following technical Appendices as part of our strategy to combat climate change.

We have released a study aiming to Improve Thermal Comfort in Urban Parks and Playgrounds (also see Appendices), in addition to the Urban Heat Island Report making recommendations to mitigate urban heat and its impact on public health. 
Check out the Environmental Master Plan web pages to see the programs and initiatives we are working on to help preserve our environment.

Visit the Environmental Services pages to learn about wastewater treatment and how to properly dispose of waste products. The City of Windsor's Downspout Disconnection program is available for residents who would like to divert clean rainwater collected on the roof from the sewer system. 

Check out the Stay Cool Windsor-Essex program designed to prepare for heat events during the summer months.  
For more information on Environmental Initiatives

 Phone: For general information call 311.  For detailed inquiries call 519-253-7111 ext. 3226.




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