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Property Standards Complaints

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Property Standards Complaints - FAQ 

How do I register a complaint?

  • To register a complaint, please call 311.

What information is required to register a complaint?

  • To file a complaint, you must provide the address and unit number of the property where the violation exists.

  • Provide your name, address, and the telephone number at which you can be reached.

  • Before contacting the City about a possible breach of the Property Standards By-Law, notify your landlord about possible deficiencies within your rental unit.

  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

What happens when a complaint is made?

  • Once a complaint is received and classified, it is assigned for investigation by an inspector.
  • The inspector's legislated responsibility is the inspection of construction projects for which building permits have been issued.
  • Complaint investigations are performed as time permits with the exception of those involving serious health and safety issues, which are prioritized by building administration.
  • Infractions are resolved through a combination of education, persuasion, and enforcement.

Can an order issued under the Property Standards By-law be appealed?

  • The recipient of an order may appeal the Order to Repair issued by a Property Standards Officer to the Property Standards Committee by filing their Notice of Appeal Form with the Committee Coordinator of the City Clerk's Department, 2nd Floor, 350 City Hall Square West.
  • The Notice of Appeal Form is attached to the Order to Repair and will include a deadline date for appeal.
  • The fee to hear the appeal is $351.00 and is non-refundable.
  • The Property Standards Committee may rescind, amend or confirm the Order. 

What happens when an order is not in compliance?

  • Once an order is final and binding and where there is no attempt to correct the deficiencies, the City may take legal action against a property owner. Charges may be laid under the Building Code Act.
  • The fines for an individual are a maximum of $25,000 for the first offence and a maximum of $50,000 for each subsequent offence.
  • The fines for a corporation are a maximum of $50,000 for the first offence and a maximum of $100,000 on subsequent offences.

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