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Waste And Recycling

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Public Drop Off Depot

Spring, Summer & Fall Hours

  • Monday March 30, 2015 to Saturday November 28, 2015: 
    • Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Winter Hours

  • Monday December 1, 2014 to Saturday March 28, 2015:
    • Monday to Friday , 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    • Saturday 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

The Public Drop Off Depot is located on the N/E corner of North Service Road East and Central Avenue.  3540 North Service Road East, Windsor, Ontario N8W 5X2.  Please see Tipping Fees. Charges may apply.

Method of Payment:  cash, account, cheque ($25 charge will be applied against NSF cheques), debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or drawdown account (drawdown constitutes payment in advance).  Payment is credited to your account and tipping fees are deducted after each use.  

Loads delivered in a rental vehicle, rental trailer or a dealer plated vehicle will be assessed a fee at a rate of $6.40 per 100kg.

  • Disposal of all recyclables, electronics, scrap metal and residential household chemical waste items is free.
  • 4 loads $4.00 each annually, if load weights 0 - 100 kg.  Further loads weighing 0 - 100 kg after 4 loads will be assessed a flat fee of $10.00 each.  Loads weighing more than 100 kg will be assessed as: Over 100 kg $10.50 per 100 kg on total weight.  
  • $15.00 charge for items with a compressor
  • Grass:  $3.00 per container.  Please see grass clippings price sheet.
  • Clay:  It is accepted at the Public Drop Off Depot, and the garbage tipping fee will apply to clay.
  • Sod:  It is accepted at the yard waste area, and the yard waste commercial tipping fee will apply to all sod brought in to the depot.
  • Tree Stumps:  You must call the recycling center at 519-944-3421 prior to bringing in any tree stumps. 
  • Residential Customers:  Unlimited trips and unlimited weight of tree trimmings, brush and leaves free.
  • Tires free (8 tires or less annually).  After 8 tires they will be assessed a tipping fee.  Air must be removed from tires with a split rim.  Passenger, truck and off-road tires and tires of all sizes are accepted.  Excluded: bicycle and airplane tires.
  • Household chemical waste (HCW) must be brought to the Household Chemical Waste Depot.  Residents can dispose of Household Chemical Waste for free.

This facility is managed by the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA).  All comments, suggestions and/or complaints regarding the facility and/or fees should be forwarded to:

  • Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority (519) 776-6441, 1-800-563-3377, Fax: 519-776-6370, website: or by mail: 
  • 360 Fairview Avenue West, Suite 211, Essex, Ontario N8M 3G4

Public Works, Environmental Division
3540 North Service Road East
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5X2

Phone:  For general information, call 311.  For detailed inquiries, call EWSWA at (519) 776-6441 or 1-800-563-3377.