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City Departments

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City Departments


To provide consistent corporate direction and leadership for the planning and delivery of municipal services and the achievement of corporate goals, while encouraging the establishment of processes and procedures that promote accountability to established standards and policies

Administration oversight is shared amongst the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Corporate Leadership Team.

The CAO works closely with the Mayor and City Council, as well as City Administration through its senior leaders to ensure Council’s goals and objectives are achieved. This is realized by providing strategic leadership to the Corporation, managing the daily operations of service delivery and leading ongoing improvements toward greater efficiency. 

The CAO also:

  • Oversees the development and implementation of corporate policy and procedures.
  • Recommends annual operating and capital budgets as part of the municipality’s financial requirements.
  • Approves a number of administrative reports on behalf of Council through the Delegation of Authority By-law.
  • Oversees the appointment and employment of all City employees.
  • Plays a key role in contract negotiations and labour relations.