Secondary School Extras
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Secondary School Extras

An extra is a bus that takes the rider directly to school.  These buses are strictly for students attending a secondary school and are put in place to take excess loads off of the regular routes.  Each fall, the routes are planned according to geographic data supplied by the school boards.

Please note that extras are subject to change without notice.  Additionally, extras may be cancelled with no advance notice due to circumstances beyond our control.  School extras operate on regularly scheduled school days only.

In the description of each extra, the L represents Left and the R represents Right.  To see if your school has an extra near your home, please visit the links (PDF) below:  

 Secondary School Extras

Am To School Sched.
Am To School Map
Pm To Home Sched.
Pm To Home Map
1930 Rossini Boulevard
Holy Names 
1400 Northwood Street
Pickup is on the east side of the school in the student parking lot.
1800 Liberty Street
Pickup is on Norfolk in the bus bay next to the football field.

8465 Jerome Street


St. Joseph's
2425 Clover Street

Schedules are displayed in portable document format (PDF).  To view, you must have Adobe Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe's website.

System Map: New Interactive Map

View the Interactive Map.
Using the map:
    • Enter your address or desired location in the top right search field, and it will take you right to the location.
    • Zoom in to find the closest bus stop.
    • The dropdown list under the layers feature allows you to turn routes on or off.
    • You may also measure the distance between locations using the features dropdown list.
    • Click on a route or bus stop for more information.
Note: Microsoft Silverlight is required to view the interactive map. Download a free version of Silverlight. This site runs best in Google Chrome.

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