Wednesday Senior Specials
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Wednesday Senior Specials

Service to Devonshire Mall & Dougall Square

This service includes a shuttle bus between the mall and Dougall Square.  If you wish to travel to Dougall Square from Devonshire Mall, simply ask the driver for a transfer before getting off the bus at the mall.

Note:  You must board the bus at the designated bus shelters located near Moxie's Grill. 

Group #1

Arrive at Devonshire Mall: 10:05 a.m.

Depart from Devonshire Mall: 1:30 p.m.

Richelieu Residence3140 Meadowbrook09:20 AM01:40 PM
Homeland Apartments3120 Meadowbrook09:20 AM01:40 PM
WFCU Branch1100 Lauzon at Little River09:25 AM01:43 PM
Preufer Court271 Lauzon Road09:30 AM01:45 PM
Seaway Towers8323 Riverside Drive E09:31 AM01:46 PM
Shoreline Towers8575 Riverside Drive E09:31 AM01:46 PM
Bayview Towers8591 Riverside Drive E09:33 AM01:48 PM
Riverside Towers8717 Riverside Drive E09:33 AM01:48 PM
St. Clair Towers8787 Riverside Drive E09:35 AM01:48 PM
Island View Towers8885 Riverside Drive E09:35 AM01:48 PM
Solidarity Towers8888 Riverside Drive E09:35 AM01:49 PM
Westchester Towers9099 Riverside Drive E09:40 AM01:49 PM
Seville Apartments9150 Wyandotte Street E09:40 AM01:50 PM
Park Place8335 Wyandotte Street E09:42 AM01:52 PM
Park Hill8275 Wyandotte Street E09:42 AM01:52 PM
Janisse Towers6600 Wyandotte Street E09:46 AM01:55 PM
Boardwalk Properties5110 Wyandotte Street E09:49 AM01:55 PM
Heimathof Apartments5060 Wyandotte Street E09:50 AM01:55 PM

Group #2

Arrive at Devonshire Mall: 10:55 a.m.

Depart from Devonshire Mall: 2:10 p.m.

Parkview Manor76 Tecumseh Road E10:15 AM02:25 PM
Mintz Manor1400 Ouellette Avenue10:20 AM02:25 PM
Ouellette Manor920 Ouellette Avenue10:20 AM02:30 PM
Cencourse Apartments30 Tuscarora Street10:20 AM02:30 PM
75 Riverside75 Riverside Drive E10:30 AM02:40 PM
Desmarais Manor255 Riverside Drive E10:30 AM02:40 PM
Glengarry Apartments333 Glengarry Avenue10:30 AM02:40 PM
St. Angela's Apartments1037 McDougall10:35 AM02:45 PM

Free shuttle service between Devonshire Mall and Dougall Square 

11:45 AM12:00 PM
01:00 PM01:15 PM

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