Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
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Transit Windsor's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Transit Windsor’s new real-time vehicle tracking tool allows you to find your Transit Windsor bus quickly. The tool integrates location, route and bus information with schedules and maps to provide passengers with the most accurate arrival predictions possible. Transit Windsor users can text or call in to hear arrival times, track vehicles in real time and more.  Now you can always have the answer to “where’s my bus?”  The following are brief descriptions of the features that the ITS provides.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Prediction Feature

Passengers can receive text messages by using the SMS stop prediction feature. You can request the arrival time of the next Transit Windsor bus on your phone by texting your stop ID to 88881. Stop IDs can be found on bus stop signs in the top right corner of each sign. The SMS feature will then reply with an estimated arrival time of the next bus. This convenient feature allows passengers to reduce their wait time for a vehicle or simply find the next Transit Windsor bus at their location.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Prediction Feature 

Interactive Voice Response iconSimilar to SMS prediction feature, Transit Windsor’s IVR prediction feature allows passengers to dial in for an up-to-the-minute prediction of a Transit Windsor bus arrival at a chosen stop. Call 519-944-4111, choose the appropriate item from the menu and follow the prompts to enter your stop ID (found in the top right corner of a bus stop sign) and receive real-time information on the next Transit Windsor bus scheduled for that location and its expected arrival time.

Web Portal Feature

Web Portal iconTransit Windsor’s online portal enables passengers to access real-time Transit Windsor bus arrival information via the internet. You can select and watch your Transit Windsor bus progress along its route. In addition, you can select specific stops, search by address or input your stop ID (found in the top right corner of a bus stop sign) to find the nearest Transit Windsor bus and its arrival time. 

Automated Stop Announcements

Next Stop announcement iconThis system provides onboard voice and visual announcements, which include next stop messages. Voice announcements are coordinated with display signs inside the bus. Pre-boarding external audible announcements are also provided to waiting passengers waiting at bus stop locations.

Security Cameras

There are five security cameras installed on each Transit Windsor bus.  This feature will enhance the safety of our riders and operators.

Transit Windsor
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