Tuesday Senior Specials
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Tuesday Senior Specials

Service to Devonshire Mall & Dougall Square

This service includes a shuttle bus between the mall and Dougall Square.  If you wish to travel to Dougall Square from Devonshire Mall, simply ask the driver for a transfer before getting off the bus at the mall. 

Note: Due to safety issues and parking lot changes at the mall, passengers are no longer picked up at the Bank of Montreal or any other location. You must board the bus at the designated bus shelters located near Moxie's Grill.

Group #1

Arrive at Devonshire Mall:      10:25 a.m.
Depart from Devonshire Mall:  1:45 p.m.

Colony on the Park I*3950 Wyandotte Street E09:45 AM02:20 PM
Colony on the Park II*3936 Wyandotte Street E09:46 AM02:20 PM
Lions Manor230 Strabane Avenue09:50 AM02:20 PM
Habour Towers4665 Riverside Drive E09:55 AM02:25 PM
Fontainebleau Apartments2455 Rivard Avenue10:05 AM02:05 PM
Mihailovich Place2428 Jos St. Louis Avenue10:08 AM02:10 PM
Ypres Court Apartments3550-3490 Ypres Avenue10:13 AM02:00 PM
Parkwood Residence3015 Temple Drive10:18 AM01:55 PM

 *Due to contruction on Wyandotte Street East, we are unable to pickup passengers at both Colony on the Park locations.  You may catch the bus on Wyandotte Street East at Sterling in front of the Palazzo Apartments.

Group #2

Arrive at Devonshire Mall:      10:10 a.m.
Depart from Devonshire Mall:  1:40 p.m.
Royal Windsor Terrace380 Pelissier Street09:15 AM02:05 PM
Carnegie Apartments09:20 AM02:05 PM
Dieppe Towers120 Caron Avenue09:27 AM02:10 PM
Cherniak Manor120 Oak Street09:33 AM02:15 PM
Ash Grove Apartments140 Bridge Avenue09:37 AM02:20 PM
Westgate Apartments3294 Sandwich Street09:40 AM02:25 PM
Reaume Apartments605 Mill Street09:44 AM02:30 PM
Southwinds Apartments3795 Southwinds Drive09:55 AM02:50 PM
Yorktown Condominiums1535 1547 1655 Grand Marais W10:00 AM02:40 PM
South Place Apartments401 451 Grand Marais W10:05 AM02:45 PM

Free shuttle service between Devonshire Mall and Dougall Square
11:00 AM11:15 AM
11:30 AM11:45 AM
12:00 PM12:15 PM
12:30 PM12:45 PM
01:40 PM01:55 PM

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