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Transit Related Publications

All documents are in portable document format (PDF) and can be downloaded by clicking on the file name below (Note:  these files are hosted by an external website, and some exceed 3 megabytes in size.  Download times may be lengthy):

Issue Paper # ​Description ​Publication
42​ Accessible Transit in Canada:  Building on the Benefits​ Apr 2013​
41​ Making Headway: Towards a National Transit Policy Framework ​Mar 2012
​40 National Transit Policy Frameworks: What Will Canada Learn from other Countries? ​May 2011
​39 ​Building Sustainable Mobility: Federal Transit Investments across Canada ​Feb 2011
​38 Bridging the Gap: The Federal Role in Transit Investment ​Nov 2010
​37 ​Canada's Transit Policy Framework: A Consensus Emerges ​Sep 2010
​36 ​Steering Towards Sustainability: New Guidance for Canadian Transit Systems ​Jul 2010
​35 Measuring Success: The Economic Impact of Transit Investment in Canada ​May 2010
​34 ​Integrating Transit and Land Use: Building Sustainable Communities ​Dec 2009
​33 Transit Vision 2040: Setting the Course for the Future ​Jun 2009
​32 Enabling the Future: Federal Transit Investments Across Canada ​Apr 2009
​31 Canada's Transit Suppliers: Celebrating Success at Home and Abroad ​Apr 2009
​30 The Optimal Level of Supply and Demand for Urban Transit in Canada ​May 2008
​29 Moving the Next Generation: CUTA's Youth Summit on Sustainable Urban Transportation Nov 2008​
​28 Bringing Opportunities to Life: Accessible Transit in Canada May 2008​
​27 An Evolving Picture: Federal Transit Investments Across Canada ​Feb 2008
​26 ​Investing in Transit: On Ongoing Challenge ​Feb 2008
25​ Bus Rapid Transit: A Canadian Perspective ​Nov 2007
​24 Towards Sustainable Development: Building a Better Future with Public Transit ​Oct 2007
​23 ​Transit Safety and Security ​Jun 2007
​22 ​A National Transit Strategy for Canada ​Apr 2007
​21 Building Success: Federal Transit Investments Across Canada ​Feb 2007
​20 Transportation Demand Management: Building Ridership Through Innovation ​Jan 2007

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