Personal Vehicles Versus Public Transit
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Personal Vehicles Versus Public Transit

Angry cartoon driverAt What Cost?

Car drivers are only paying the direct costs of operating their vehicles, but we're all paying the rest of the price: congestion, pollution, and road maintenance.  One busload of passengers is responsible for 40 fewer vehicles on the road during rush hours, saves 70,000 litres of fuel, and avoids 175 tonnes of emissions a year.  A single bus can replace up to 50 single-occupancy vehicles. Taking the bus instead of your car reduces GHG by almost 2/3.

The average car will spill:

  • 34.4 Kg of hydrocarbons a year
  • 4029.3 Kg of carbon dioxide (C02)
  • 29.6 Kg of nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Multiply the emissions by each of the over 13 million cars in Canada, and you begin to grasp the magnitude of the problem.   Six of the seven major air pollutants come from cars and light trucks.


  1. The average car emits 4 tons of pollutants each year.
  2. Fossil fuel consumption is expected to rise 40 percent over the next 25 years.
  3. Canadian families are budgeting more for transportation than groceries.
  4. The average North American works 27 hours per month to keep their car on the road.
  5. The number of automobiles on Canada's roadways has more than doubled over the past 20 years. 
  6. 49 percent of Canadians believe public transit should be improved and expanded.
  7. Canada remains the only G7 country without substantial direct federal investment in public transit.
  8. The United States Federal Government provides assistance to states and municipalities through a multi-year transit investment program worth up to $7 billion US per year.

Benefits of transit systems:

  1. Transit reduces vehicle operating costs for Canadian households by about $5 billion annually. 
  2. Transit reduces the economic costs of traffic collisions by almost $2.5 billion annually. 
  3. Transit reduces annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission by 2.4 million tonnes, valued at $110 million.
  4. The economic benefit of Canada's existing transit systems is at least $10 billion annually.
  5. Transit saves about $115 million in annual heath care costs related to respiratory illness.

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