Hybrid Buses
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Hybrid Buses

2011 hybrid busHybrid buses were added to the fleet in June of 2009.  Another eleven (11) buses were added by the end of 2011, bringing the total number of hybrid diesel-electric buses to 29. 

Hybrid diesel-electric technology combines an electric propulsion system with a conventional internal combustion diesel engine to drive the vehicle wheels.  The diesel engine is used only to drive an electric generator.  Typically, the electric motor may draw energy from the batteries or directly from the generator.  The regular bus transmission is replaced by an electric transmission that acts as a transmission, generator and electric motor.  Batteries are located on the roof of the bus and weigh approximately 400 kg (900 lbs.).  The appropriate hybrid design is dependent upon several factors, including the intended duty application. 

2009 hybrid busThe branding of the hybrid bus features a circle evolving into a leaf in the same bright green shade that is part of Transit Windsor’s unique three-colour logo: blue, green and yellow.  The branding is depicted across the battery on top of the bus and also includes the transit system’s slogan, “Driving today for a better tomorrow.”

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