Clean Air Day
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Clean Air Day (CAD)

Clean Air Day (CAD) is a celebration of environmentally friendly activities that promote clean air and good health across Canada. It is a great opportunity to make environmentally friendly lifestyle choices for you, your family and your community. CAD is held on the first Wednesday in June

CAD, which is part of Environment Week, started some years ago in several Canadian municipalities as a day of grassroots initiatives. It has blossomed into a national campaign, embracing both national and local events that celebrate clean air and promote awareness of climate change issues. 

Transit Windsor participates in CAD alongside the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) and a number of other government, business and health organizations to encourage Canadians to consider sustainable transportation as their contribution to a healthier environment.


You Can Make A Difference: Why Changes May Improve Your Health

With the proper services and incentives in place, people can change their behaviour.  The goal of CAD is to urge Canadians to get out of their single-occupant vehicles and walk, bike or ride, as the first step in a commitment to use sustainable transportation and ensure an improved quality of life.

2/3 of Canadians are not physically active enough for optimal health benefits.

Physical inactivity is a serious public health concern.  It increases risk of chronic disease, disability and premature death.  By opting for active and sustainable transportation, we reap the health benefits and alleviate associated health care costs.

In many cases, one action will reduce both air pollutants and GHG emissions.  Some actions can even save you money!  Actions taken now and continued over the long-term can make a difference.  So, take action, and walk, bike or take transit.


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