Clean Air Day Fast Facts
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Fast Facts:

  1. Transportation is the leading cause and fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  2. 75 percent of Canadians feel that air pollution is affecting their health.
  3. 1 in 5 Canadians have some form of respiratory problem.
  4. Up to 16,000 Canadians die each year because of high pollution levels and poor air quality.
  5. Taking the bus instead of your car reduces GHG by almost 2/3.
  6. A single bus can replace up to 50 single-occupancy vehicles.
  7. The average car emits 4 tons of pollutants annually.
  8. Over the next 25 years, fossil fuel consumption is expect to rise by 40 percent. 
  9. Introduction of "clean diesel" engines has reduced pollution from buses by 90 percent.
  10. Canadian families are budgeting more for transportation than groceries in most households.
  11. The average cost to keep a car on the road in 2011 was $11,000.


Did you know?

  1. The number of children hospitalized for asthmas increased by 23 percent from 1980 to 1990. 
  2. More Canadians die prematurely because of air pollution than in motor vehicle crashes.
  3. 64,000 emergency room visits are made in Ontario each year due to the effects of smog,
  4. Canada's public transit systems have an outstanding safety record. In fact, the risk of fatality for a car passenger is 20 times higher than that for a transit passenger making the same trip.
  5. Transit offers concerned parents a safe solution at a time when motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for young Canadians.
  6. One busload of passengers is responsible for 40 fewer vehicles on the road during rush hours, saves 70,000 litres of fuel, and avoids 175 tonnes of emissions a year.
  7. Individual Canadians, in their daily living, contribute about 25% of the national total CO2 emissions - about 5 tonnes per person per year.  
  8. Lung disease is the Industrialized World's fourth leading cause of death.
  9. Over the next 25 years it is estimated that Canada's fuel consumption will increase 40% from current levels.
  10. Idling your vehicle for 10 minutes a day uses up more than 100 litres of gasoline in a year.
  11. A Health Canada study found a strong association between premature mortality due to respiratory disease and airborne particulates.
  12. Man-made chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) cause 80% of all ozone depletion.


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