Twin Faegol Coaches

Post-war ridership experienced a decline due to Windsor's automotive economic base.


  • In 1960, ridership was still declining.

  • The SW&A carried 10,328,258 passengers that year, with a fare of 20 cents cash, or five tickets for 90 cents.

  • In May 1965, the fare was raised to 25 cents (10 for children) with five tickets for $1.00.

  • Right from the beginning of buses in Windsor in 1938, the SW&A Railway earned the reputation of operating one of the best-maintained transit fleets in Canada, a reputation proven by numerous maintenance awards that continues to this day.

At the time there were 14 bus routes

  1. Crosstown
  2. Dougall Avenue
  3. Erie Street
  4. Highway No. 2
  5. Lauzon Road
  6. Malden Road
  7. Howard Avenue
  8. Ottawa
  9. Pillette
  10. St. Mary's Academy
  11. Sanatorium
  12. Sandwich East
  13. Tecumseh-Drouillard
  14. Wellington-Campbell