Late, but Quick Conversion to Motor Buses

  • Conversion from the trolley bus to motor bus began in 1938 and progressed rapidly. 
  • On midnight, September 22, 1934, Hydro Electric terminated its operating agreement with the SW&A Railway Company. There was little advance warning of this action. The company suddenly found itself in dire straits with few cash reserves and steadily increasing annual losses.



  1. Conversion of Windsor's streetcar lines to motor buses began late, but proceeded rapidly: within fourteen months the transit system had been completely motorized.
  2. The Erie trolley line was converted to motor bus on February 19, 1939.
  3. The last trolley car operated in Windsor on Saturday, May 6, 1939.
  4. Some of the old streetcars were sold for further service in South America.
  5. During 1938 and 1939, the SW&A employees were taught new skills: the streetcar mechanics learned to maintain buses, while the motormen and conductors were taught to drive them.