Painting of Windsor Electric S

The Beginning: 1872 - 1919

The first need for public transit was to carry passengers from Windsor to the nearby small town of Sandwich. Sulphur springs were located a short distance below Sandwich. During the summer, visitors flocked there to bathe in the healing waters

  • The original service was provided by stages that charged a 12-cent fare each way. As traffic increased and more stages were added, it was decided to build a horse-drawn streetcar line.

  • The approved route was "from any part of the town of Sandwich to any part of the town of Windsor, and to continue the same to any part of the village of Walkerville".

  • A newspaper account stated, "The run to the Springs and back - six miles and a half - was made in less than three quarters of an hour, including stoppages both ways at almost every street crossing and considerable rest at the springs and notwithstanding that the single horse had to draw 22 passengers."

  • Cash fare was 5 cents; tickets were sold 12 for 50 cents, or 25 for $1.00.