Mandatory Stickers for Bus Pass Photos
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Mandatory Stickers for Bus Pass Photos

Students must have a valid date sticker on their bus pass photo.  You will be required to pay the full cash fare, if you do not update your photo with a new date sticker each year.

The new date sticker will: 

  1. Be placed over the existing expiry date on your photo, at no additional fee
  2. Be valid for one year 
  3. Include an expiry date
  4. Sticker will not be used in conjunction with the smart card

What is required of the student?

  1. Visit either Transit Windsor sales office to obtain the bus pass photo date sticker.  Hours of operation
  2. Bring acceptable student identification.
  3. Bring your current bus pass photo.
  4. Renew annually while attending school.

Note:  A bus pass photo cannot be obtained without the purchase of a pass. 

Why is this necessary? 

  1. Removes onus of checking student ID at point of sale and streamlines the process.  Once you have the valid date sticker, you don’t have to keep showing your student card each time you buy a pass.
  2. At-a-glance recognition of classifications for bus drivers to decrease the problems associated with the collection of discounted student passes and tickets.


Transit Windsor
3700 North Service Road East
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5X2

Phone: For detailed inquiries, call 519-944-4111.  For general inquiries, call 311.
Fax: 519-944-5121