New Fareboxes
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Paying on the Bus

New fare boxes were installed in the fall of  2011.  Thanks to this new technology, we are able to offer the following new products: 

  1. 2-hour open transfer
  2. Ride All Day passes (Day or Family pass)
  3. Smart cards (test phase) 

1. Transfers:

Transfers are free on city service, allowing you to travel within a 2-hour period in any direction on any city route.  A transfer is a printed, time-stamped ticket that you pass through the bar code reader to validate.  

2.  Purchasing a Ride All Day Pass:   

You may only purchase a Ride All Day pass on the bus for travel on the same day. You must tell the driver you wish to purchase a Ride All Day pass (Day or Family) before putting your cash into the fare box, and it must be the exact fare, or the pass will not print. 

3.  Smart Cards

Currently, smart cards are only available for purchase by Tunnel Riders who purchase passes. This is a pilot project. We will keep you informed, as this technology becomes available.  

Other methods of payment:


There is one single cash fare on the city service and one for the Tunnel Bus, including special event service.  View detailed fare structure

Using Coins

  • Coins are counted as they are dropped and will provide audio and visual feedback to help keep track of the deposited coins.
  • Deposit one coin at a time and use exact fare.
  • Damaged, foreign, and unacceptable coins are returned though the coin return cup.
  • Coins are never returned as change for an overpayment.

Using Bills

  • Accepted bills are Canadian $5, $10, and $20, or American $1, $5, $10, and $20.  Foreign currency bills are not accepted.
  • Avoid using wet or old, crinkly bills.
  • Rejected bills are returned to the passenger.
  • Bills will be rejected if:
    • Folds reduce the bill length by half inch or greater.
    • Bills contain holes and/or tears.
    • Tape or other items are attached.

Paying with a Bus Pass

Magnetic monthly passes are encoded for the new boxes. Review all details on how to use your magnetic bus pass


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