Health and Safety Policy
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Occupational Health  and Safety

We are committed to the occupational health and safety of our employees, the protection of the public from harm, and the guarding against damage to its property while providing a service.

To fulfill this commitment, we take whatever action is necessary and practical to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. It will comply with all legislative requirements and strive to eliminate those foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injuries, illness, death, property damage, fire, security loss, and public liability.

Through all levels of management, we are responsible for enforcing safe working procedures and ensuring that all employees receive the necessary training to enable them to perform their work safely.

Employees have a personal responsibility to preserve their own health and safety as well as the health and safety of their fellow employees. The commitment to health and safety from the Employer, and by the Employees, is consistent with a total commitment to health and safety by Transit Windsor and, as such, complies with the Canada Labour Code - Part II.

Hazard information:

Vehicle maintenance is conducted at this facility; therefore certain general hazards exist. These hazards include:

  • Flammables:  liquids (gas, thinners, etc.), which may be found in the maintenance operations
  • High Noise:  which may occur in our maintenance areas
  • Wet Floors:  which may be found in maintenance and storage areas
  • Fumes: which may occur in the maintenance and storage areas

If you observe a hazardous situation occurring, immediately move to a safe location, and follow the instructions of your transit host.


  • Correct eye protection must be worn in designated areas
  • No running shoes allowed
  • No high-heeled, open-toed, or open-heel shoes in designated areas
  • Hearing protection must be worn in designated areas
  • Facilities are all non-smoking environments
  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in the person(s) involved being asked to leave the premises and/or shutdown of the project

Transit Windsor
3700 North Service Road East
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5X2

For general inquiries, call 311.
Phone: For detailed inquiries, call 519-944-4111. 
Fax: 519-944-5121



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