Theme 2: Water does Wonders!
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Theme 2: Take Charge, Choose Water!

Boy drinking water with cartoon boy
Overview of Theme:

This theme promotes the benefits of drinking water. It’s about helping kids make healthy choices to quench their thirst. When kids have easy access to safe, free drinking water, we know that:

  • It helps increase how much water they drink overall.
  • It keeps them hydrated – the body functions poorly when it lacks water.
  • If they are drinking water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages, it reduces their intake of calories or energy from sugar. 

Water contains no sugar, calories, caffeine, or added ingredients like preservatives. It’s the right choice for sipping throughout the day.

Drinks that contain added sugar are not a healthy choice – especially when these drinks start to replace the nutritious drinks and foods that growing children need. They add extra sugar and calories to kids’ diets.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are drinks that contain added sugars and syrups. They include soft drinks, fruit drinks (such as punches, lemonades), specialty coffee/tea drinks, sports and energy drinks, and sweetened milks. It is important to limit the consumption of these types of beverages.